Suggestions for a pasta sauce or ingredients to toss with a pasta that includes a mix of flavors (beet, spinach, turmeric, carrot, basil, squid ink, tomato).



swshipman September 17, 2010
Agreed with others: keep it simple. A simple, but classic blend of a very few ingredients is Buccatini all'Amatriciana. This is a pretty decent start:
luvcookbooks September 16, 2010
agree that all you need is either olive oil or butter or try a mix of the two, some garlic, very lightly cooked, and grated parm and pepper.
thirschfeld September 15, 2010
you have your sauce, turmeric, squid ink, tomato and basil.
allie September 15, 2010
The pasta includes all of those flavors in one?? I'd stick with olive oil and parmesan (maybe garlic?) and salt - the pasta is complicated enough. Or do you want those flavors in your sauce?
katiebakes September 15, 2010
Well, if it were mine, I would not want an overpowering sauce, so perhaps a very light pomodoro sauce or use it to make a primavera with light vegetables, basil, and butter wine sauce. Hope this helps.
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