Artichoke spinach ravioli- what sauce?

I have some artichoke spinach ravioli I bought at a local pasta shop. Any suggestions for a sauce?

  • Posted by: enbe
  • October 29, 2011


enbe October 30, 2011
I was thinking sage & brown butter as well- that's my usual pairing but I didn't have any sage on hand. I think butter, parm & lemon a la ATG117 would have been the solution. My homemade tomato sauce I found in the freezer was a bit overpowering.

ATG117 October 30, 2011
I'd might go with butter too, skipping the sage and finishing with grated parm, some lemon zest, and sea or gray salt.
lorigoldsby October 30, 2011
I was curious what the first posted answer would be, because my first thought was brown butter and sage. I agree with Sde because the artichoke and spinach filling can be very earthy, esp depending on the size of the ravioli...
sdebrango October 29, 2011
Brown butter and sage would be good, if you are looking for a tomato base sauce Marcella Hazans tomato sauce is amazing and I think the tomato would be great with the artichoke and spinach combo,
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