How long does fresh, cooked pasta last?

Bought some fresh pasta from Eataly on Thursday night that I cooked for Saturday night dinner. There was way too much so I put the left over (plain, no sauce) in a container for later. I forgot to put olive oil on it so I noticed it did get a bit gummy. I'm traveling this week (Tuesday-Thursday) so wont have the opportunity to eat the remainder till the end of the week (still eating the sauced pasta portion). The portion not dressed in sauce, will it be okay to eat come Friday?

I read online, I can cook the plain pasta in boiling water for a few minutes to 'revive it." True?



SMSF October 10, 2016
As to your question about how to "revive" plain, cooked pasta, you definitely don't want to cook it any further. Here is what I do:
Boil some water in a saucepan (it doesn't need to be a big pot of water). Turn off the heat, add the leftover pasta to the hot water and let it sit for about 15-20 seconds. Drain and proceed as usual.
ChefJune October 10, 2016
If I wanted to keep it, I would sauce it tonight and freeze it, sauced. It will not be as good as when fresh, but it will still be fine for a quick supper in the nexr week or two.
PHIL October 10, 2016
Beside the fact that it wont taste good, I would not eat week old pasta, fresh or regular, not worth the risk
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