A question about a recipe: Old-School Swedish Meatballs

I have a question about the recipe "Old-School Swedish Meatballs" from Corby. I meant to say, we have a non-pork eater in the household. Can I use all ground beef or would you recommend subbing something for the ground pork?

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  • Posted by: Darlene
  • October 14, 2016
Old-School Swedish Meatballs
Recipe question for: Old-School Swedish Meatballs


Corby October 21, 2016
I would just make sure the beef is very finely ground and not too lean. We typically ask at ten meat counter for a second grind on the pork we buy for this recipe to keep the meatballs tender.
meet Y. October 16, 2016
Last year I tried making this with all venison (super lean) because it was what I had around and they were delicious. A slightly different texture but still tender, and the flavors work well together!
janet E. October 16, 2016
I make my Swedish meatballs with ground turkey (as I have an annual Smorgasbord) since I have 2 daughters who won't eat pork or beef. My father-in-law (a very picky eater) didn't know and thought they tasted exactly like his Swedish mother's meatballs. The gravy they are in makes all the difference (and maybe the glogg we drink before dinner).
E E. October 14, 2016
The meatballs won't have the exact same flavor, but they would still be good. I would probably substitute ground veal for some of the meat. Because the pork may be providing some fat for an unctuous feel, you might want to add some more fat or use some gelatin (which has already passed the test for acceptable at your house.)
Darlene October 14, 2016
Makes sense. I will play around with it and see what works. And I think I'll make a batch with ground pork too for me and the other teenager in the house who is still eating pork.
Corby October 21, 2016
I agree, this could work- I have never eaten veal, but I believe it has similar composition to pork. The gelatin may not be necessary, there is plenty of fat in the rest of the recipe!
Mrs B. October 14, 2016
I've made these using only beef and they were just as good as when I made them with pork. In fact, with the added cream, I rather prefer them that way, as they are a bit lighter. I would not recommend using very lean beef, however. This is a favorite cold-weather dinner in our house!
Darlene October 14, 2016
Thank you. That is helpful to know!
Nancy October 14, 2016
Darlene - Yes, you could probably use all beef. But/and have a look at this chart recommending substitutes for pork in cooking, and see if it gives you some ideas.
Darlene October 14, 2016
Thanks Nancy! I knew my teenage daughter was serious about not eating pork when she asked me to buy her marshmallows made with beef gelatin (who knew?). The link you provided will be very helpful!
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