can you use beef to make the bacon

I nt to oder the bacon kit and I as wondering if I could use beef instead of pork?

Kelley Harris


Lauren K. March 12, 2015
Kelley -- that is such a great question! We reached out to the team who makes the DIY Bacon Kit we carry in the shop, and they said they've heard of customers trying it with beef, but haven't done it themselves.

If you do try it out and it works, we'd love to hear about it!
nancy E. March 10, 2015
On Vancouver Island, there is a butcher that makes delicious Beef Bacon. So yes, it can be done successfully
Jan W. March 9, 2015
Try lamb - I think you'll get better results.
Nancy March 9, 2015
Probably yes. But, in order not to hurt its feelings, you'd want to call the finished product corned beef or pastrami. And once you''re thinking home made corned beef/pastrami you may want to look at recipes and kits specifically designed for beef.
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