Substitute for chestnuts in stuffing?

I'm testing out a stuffing recipe before Thanksgiving and can't find any chestnuts in my local grocery store yet. What would be a good sub? Here are the ingredients: onions, red bell pepper, breadcrumbs, sage, parsley, veg oil



Nancy October 25, 2016
Another way to think of substitutions.
I thought chestnuts were mainly carbohydrate, and would use a potato as a substitute to keep a similar textural and nutritional profile.
Sure enough, checking the usda data base, chestnuts have 92% carb (the remainder is 5% fat and 3% protein), while potatoes also happen to have 92% carb (the remainder is 1% fat and 7% protein).
The water chestnuts used by Susan W are also close in nutrient profile to the original (89% carb, 4% fat and 7% protein).
Smaug October 24, 2016
Well, if we're going crazy here, it's national pumpkin month- go with toasted Pepitas.
Evan October 24, 2016
Japanese sweet potatoes and purple sweet potatoes both have a remarkably similar taste and somewhat similar texture to chestnuts, if you're able to find them. Perhaps if you peel, cut into cubes, and roast them, they can be incorporated. Nuts like hazelnuts or pecans would be delicious too but are missing the unique subtle sweet taste of chestnuts.
Susan W. October 24, 2016
For pure testing purpose, I'd probably go for a small can of water chestnuts. I actually used them one year when I totally forgot the chestnuts. The water chestnuts took on the stuffing flavors and the crunch was perfect.
LFragola October 24, 2016
Thanks for all the great suggestions! I may have to test a couple of times to try out the different options. ;)
ChefJune October 24, 2016
I agree with Smaug, pecans are always good, but I might go with hazelnuts here. Whichever nut you choose,I would toast them first.
Smaug October 24, 2016
Pecans would be good. Pecans are always good.
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