what is a good recipe for red peppers that does not involve cooking them with onions ?



lapadia September 9, 2010
This recipe doesn’t involve cooking and is one I like to have around to use as a condiment. Pulse roasted red peppers in a food processor, add, to your taste, salt, pepper, garlic and a herb of choice. My favorite herbs to use are either basil or cilantro…just depends on my mood. There are endless uses for this mixture. I especially like spreading a little on sandwiches, or as a topping on spaghetti squash with a sprinkle of cheese, for example.
luvcookbooks September 9, 2010
This is too easy to be a recipe, but I love red peppers cut up and cooked in a frying pan in olive oil until they're soft, with or without garlic but with salt and pepper. If you eat them warm or cold, mix in some chopped parsley. Can also add some vinegar or lemon juice. That's the general idea, can always dress it up. They keep great in the frig.
Amanda H. September 8, 2010
In most red pepper recipes, you can use garlic instead of onions. In this recipe -- http://bit.ly/9q4X8c -- for instance, you can just cut out the onions altogether. Here's a red pepper sauce -- romesco sauce -- that doesn't call for onions (ramps are out of season but you can serve this over any roasted fish, or with roasted chicken) http://bit.ly/adlAf7
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