Regarding the cardomon carrot cake or any carrotcake. I see thatitcan be made in cupcake form, but will it work in a loaf pan, which I prefer?

Cardoman cake,question

Helen Drezner


Mrs B. October 26, 2016
If you are referring to Carrot Cake with Cardamom by hollyshaner, one would think so, based on the list of ingredients. The quantities called for would suggest, however, that 2 loaf pans should be used. There will be far more batter than will fit in a single loaf pan. One would think that 45 minutes should be enough time, depending on how deep the batter is in the loaf pan (which would depend in turn on how long and wide the loaf pans are). One might want to check though with a tester after 35 or 40. I hope this helps.
Also, if you do try this, would you please let us know how it turns out? Thank you.
Nancy October 27, 2016
A supplement to the above on frosting.
Traditionally, loaf cakes are only frosted on top. If you do that, the 2 loaf cakes will need about 40% as much icing as for the whole cake. To give yourself a margin of error, but not a lot of extra frosting, maybe make half the frosting the recipe specifies.
On the other hand, if you decide to cover all around the loaf cakes, you will need roughly the same amount of frosting as for the original 2-layer round cake.
As with Mrs Beryl Patmore, I hope you'll tell us how well this turns out ...:)
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