I just made clarified butter. Are there any uses for the milk solids? I don't want to toss them!



AntoniaJames February 3, 2011
I quarter, core and slice an apple or two, and cook it for about ten minutes on medium low heat, stirring frequently, to produce the most yummy brown-buttery treat imaginable. The apple releases juice fairly quickly, to create a tasty sauce. Making ghee is its own reward, but that delicious, effort-free brown-butter apple is quite a nice dividend. ;o)
prettyPeas February 2, 2011
They can be put on/in anything where you'd like brown butter flavor without the extra butter, for example veggies, ice cream, cookies, pasta...
Sundayinthekitchen February 2, 2011
I will!! I want to get to know the food fanatics in Westchester. And I'll say hi to John Boy and Mia the Soap Lady too! :) I'm in New Canaan fairly often, so the next time I'm there I'll pop into the Farmer's Table to try your scones.
mrslarkin February 2, 2011
I hear it's a lot of fun, yes. A couple of friends are vendors there. Farmer John Boy (he raises Berkshire pigs) and Mia the soap lady (Clean Ridge Soap Company). Hey, you should take a road trip in April when the Pound Ridge Farmers Market starts up. I'm a vendor there. :)
Sundayinthekitchen February 2, 2011
Thank you so much! :) And I've been dying to go to the market -- we just moved there a few months ago and we missed the last one. I think there's another one next weekend though. Is it nice?
mrslarkin February 2, 2011
Thank you! I will def try that. Hey your blog is nice! Hope you are liking White Plains. Have you been to the indoor farmers market at the County Center?
Sundayinthekitchen February 2, 2011
If you brown the solids a bit and add salt, they are lovely on toast. Kind of nutty. Also good on steamed veggies, rice, etc. Just a great all-around alternative to butter. Healthier too!
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