BOO! Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween! Where did the year go to? Trick or Treaters will be showing up at our doors tomorrow. What are you giving out as treats? Or will you do a trick? I made up treat bags, once again, with Halloween stickers, all kinds of treats (Snickers, Kit Kat, Gummy Bears, etc.), Halloween instruments (whistles, clappers, clickers), Halloween tattoos. I bought different color pumpkins, some lumpy, bumpy orange/green/yellow, a Cinderella pink, a gray/green interesting one just for display (I think this one is some sort of gourd, very tough skin), decorated with greenery from the yard that has turned slightly red, it looks great! Too bad we can no longer bake treats to give out, if I could, they'd get big bags willed with cookies and fudge. What are you giving out on Halloween? Do you excel in pumpkin carving? Decorating? Share your magical creations! Happy Halloween, everyone! BB

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BerryBaby November 2, 2016
Well, Halloween was a huge success and had a ball with the little ones. My two 'veggie' head pumpkins got a lot attention with comments and tons of photos. So many loved the idea that I'm sure our neighborhood will see many more 'veggie' heads next year. They are easy as there is no carving and you can get creative and use whatever you have in the fridge or pantry. Lots of super heroes, princesses, Sumo wrestlers (which were adorable!), goblins (yes, classic Halloween costumes) and many homemade costumes, the best Robin Hood! The police stopped out front and handed out candy, it was great! Well, time to pack it all up and get ready to decorate for Thanksgiving. Hope you all had a great Halloween!
Smaug November 2, 2016
Despite a bit of rain, I got ten kids- biggest showing in years. Also harvested (probably) my last 3-4 lbs. of tomatoes for the year, but I decided to give the kids candy instead. Why don't people want to carve pumpkins anymore? Tradition is tradition: it's it's own purpose.
BerryBaby November 2, 2016
Smaug, I'd love to carve pumpkins but can't, unfortunately, and came up with this alternative. Arthritis in both hands limits my strength. These were fun to make.
BerryBaby October 31, 2016
My 'no carve' veggie head pumpkin...whatever i could find in fridge is on his head. Kale and carrot top hair, red pepper eyes with grape pupils, red pepper ears and lips with kalamala olive teeth, carrot for a nose. Have one more to do and everything will come from the outside yard.
ktr October 31, 2016
That's awesome!
ktr October 30, 2016
This is our first Halloween at our house. We live on a dead end in a rural area. There are 2 other families around with little kids so we get a few trick or treaters. Our last 2 houses never got any. We have big boxes of dots to give out if anyone comes. We are planning to take our kids just around the neighborhood here.
BerryBaby October 30, 2016
I would guess it depends on where you live. We use to have hundreds of trick or treaters, then everyone grew up so there weren't as many. Since new houses have been built, and parents have sold the 'family' house to younger families, the trick or treaters are back. I agree, parents don't let their children out of their sight. When we were kids, we ran from house to house, by ourselves for hours and hours. We'd enter stranger's Haunted Houses that were in their garage or basement, never giving it a thought. What fun times we had. It's different these days. I love that the parents all dress up in costumes and large groups go out together. At one point last year, a police car stopped in front of the house and kids went crazy! They were giving out treats as well. It was like being in a movie! I had the door open, 5-10 kids at a time, the police out front, I loved it! BB
Smaug October 30, 2016
I'm curious- I live where I grew up, a fifties style suburban neighborhood with no through traffic; when I was young, EVERYBODY went out on halloween; there were kids all over the place and more wandering in from other neighborhoods until deep into the evening. It's still pretty much the same type of neighborhood, but most years I only see one or two small groups (with parents)- I see a lot of kiids dressed up, but they seem mostly to get in cars and head out to, presumably, parties. I wonder if the custom of trick or treating is more alive elsewhere- this seems the ideal sort of place for it. Since I usually only give out 4 or 5 pieces of candy, I usually go for stuff I like- Almond Joy and Peanut Butter Cups this year.
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