Green layer underneath orange pumpkin skin - safe to eat?

I bought a bright orange,( with some green) pumpkin with deep ridges yesterday at a nj farm stand, not sure what variety. Cutting it open to cook soup , there is a layer of green underneath the the orange skin, some of the flesh also jas a green hue and it is very hard to cut . Is this pumpkin safe to eat? .. do i have to remove all green/greenish areas? ... is it unripe? The seeds are good sized and look ok, fresh white inside ...

Sabine Plachta


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702551 October 10, 2017
Considering the pumpkin was sold at a farm stand, it probably isn't toxic although if it is not an eating pumpkin, it might not be very tasty.

A photograph would have been helpful for others to possibly identify the cultivar.

Not sure if the farm stand has a telephone number for you to call. The merchant would have a better idea about ripeness and how to prepare that specific pumpkin.
dinner A. October 9, 2017
Is the flesh (other than the green parts) orange? If so this sounds like something related to a kabocha or buttercup squash. It's normal and safe to eat, although usually less flavorful and tougher than the orange part. If the green extends very far into the flesh, it might mean your squash is underripe, or wasn't cured long enough; I'm not sure about that.
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