Is there any magic in using a leave-in meat thermometer for this? Could one test using a Thermapen (or other reliable instant read) instead?

Torrisi's Turkey
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ChefJune November 4, 2016
I can't imagine why not. I tend to use my Poldark more than my Thermapen, just because I'm used to it.
amysarah November 4, 2016
I'm intrigued - Poldark, as in Ross, a la Masterpiece Theatre? Clearly that guy made temps rise, but I had no idea there was a thermometer named for him (?)
AntoniaJames November 4, 2016
Thanks. I just stumbled on this helpful bit of insight by J. Kenzi L-A -

". . . . I generally advocate against making a leave-in probe thermometer the only thermometer in your arsenal. It's impossible to guess where the coolest part of the meat is going to be before the meat is cooked, thus the thermometer has a very good chance of giving you a false alarm. Use it as an early warning system at most.

He makes a convincing argument for sticking with my Thermapen.

Thanks again. ;o) P.S. amysarah, the thermometer manufacturer is actually Polder. Love the reference to Poldark, however! (Such an interesting, beautifully-done series. Production design alone deserves an Emmy.)
amysarah November 5, 2016
Ah, that makes more sense, AJ. Though I was imagining a Demelza whisk, a Warleggen grater... And yes, I'm also a sucker for the gorgeous Cornish coast, costumes and sets. (In my fantasy universe, I'm a production designer/art director for film.)
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