Instant pot Mini

I'm considering buying an instant pot mini. I'm cooking for one and primarily want to use it to cook dried beans. Can you cook a cup or two of dried beans with it? Or should I buy the larger 6 cup for more flexibility?

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1 Comment

Lori T. March 26, 2019
I own both a mini and a 6 quart version. You can certainly cook one or two cups of dried beans in the mini, with results as good as with the larger version. I don't always want to make a large amount of rice or beans either, which makes it handy. It's also nice when I've got a main dish in the larger version, and can use the mini for the veggie or grain side for it. I've also made large batches of beans or grains and frozen them in smaller portions to have on hand for later. If you are not likely to do that, then the mini would be ideal for you. Otherwise, if you are only going to purchase one, then the 6 quart might be a better option. Another consideration is that once you use it, you can get hooked into the convenience and start cooking a lot of other things you did not expect.
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