Abbie, hope you're still around, I haven't seen you lately. I'm wondering how you think this would turn out with pork cheeks. I received a pound o...

...f them in my meat CSA. I've cooked many a beef cheek, but never pork. In my head, this recipe sounds like a good way to go

Susan W
  • Posted by: Susan W
  • November 6, 2016
Barbacoa Beef Cheek Tacos
Recipe question for: Barbacoa Beef Cheek Tacos


Susan W. November 9, 2016
Abbie, I just put my pork cheeks Barbacoa in the oven. Is it to be fully covered or partially covered? I have it slightly ajar.
Susan W. November 9, 2016
I answered my question by reading the comments. :) Turned out beautifully!! Can't wait for dinner. My ten month old granddaughter had some bites and went crazy with happiness.
aargersi November 6, 2016
Hi Susan I am here! I think they would be great with pork - and now I am a little jealous :-) Not sure if it would affect the cook time - I have never (gasp!) cooked pork cheeks.
Susan W. November 6, 2016
I'm going to do a little research on cook time. Serious Eats has two recipes and each one says 2.5-3 hours, so I'll go from there. I'll keep a close eye on them. I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out. So excited!! Pork Cheeks from heritage breed pastured pork.
pierino November 6, 2016
This sounds wonderful to me.
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