lacinato kale gratin

Would it be possible to cook Marion Bull's lacinato kale gratin at 250 instead of 350 and then brown the top by turning up the heat or putting under the broiler at the end briefly?

I'm worried that cream won't evaporate sufficiently if I lower the temp so dramatically but I'd love to have it with the roast beef I'm cooking at 250 for dinner tonight.

  • Posted by: Lindsey
  • November 6, 2016


caninechef November 7, 2016
How much time will be consumed by resting and then slicing the roast? Maybe enough so that you can amp up the oven to finish off the gratin.
Susan W. November 6, 2016
I've made this multiple times and I think you're right about the cream not reducing. Might be a bit of a gamble, but you could reduce the cream on the stovetop and then pour it on. Maybe reduce it by 1/3 or so?
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