Is it possible to make Pan Fried Pork Buns a day ahead? I have made these (Jian Bao) many times, but always take the risen dough, stuff them and then cook right away. But I wonder if I can stuff them and either freeze them to be thawed and then cooked or put in the fridge the night before? I am worried the dough will get soggy if I do. Admittedly obscure, but would be a real time saver if someone knew for sure that I could.



jwolfsthal February 4, 2011
thanks, all. I think we will make and cook the same day, but will try again ina two step and report back.
happycao February 4, 2011
I would bake/steam them and then freeze the ready made bao. You cool it off after it is made and freeze that, and can always defrost it and then pan fry it
monkeymom February 3, 2011
Sorry, I don't know if I have a direct answer for you. I suspect they would get soggy. I would suggest cooking them until the bread has set but the bottoms haven't crisped. You could then finish them the next day to crisp up the bottoms. I have re-'jianed' fully cooked jian bao and that is good. Could I get the recipe you use to make them?
tinadatabase February 3, 2011
I've never made these but I see them all the time in the freezer section at the Asian store, cooked. So I guess if you have time you can steam, cool and freeze them?
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