Refrigerating Struffoli Dough Days In Advance

I need to make struffoli dough in advance of gathering with family to roll the dough and fry it. I need to make the dough at least two days in advance and would like to know if it can be made even further in advance. How many days ahead of the date of frying can the dough be made?

  • Posted by: Alaina
  • December 12, 2021


aargersi December 12, 2021
Are you talking about taking the recipe as far as rolling the balls then refrigerating them? Making the actual dough is a pretty quick process - it’s all of that rolling. I would THINK that it would work but as always I’d say do a test run because the rest time might affect the baking powders effectiveness. I’d make a batch or maybe a half batch, then try some in the fridge, some in the freezer, fry them and see how they turn out.
Alaina December 16, 2021
I mean mixing all the ingredients into a large ball and then refrigerating or freezing them. I do not mean making the dough and then cutting it into small balls to fry.
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