Gnocchi for a small crowd

I'm making gnocchi for 12 people for our annual holiday gathering. How far in advance can I make the gnocchi? Can I make them the day before and hold them in the fridge? Can I freeze them? Any tips greatly appreciated!



QueenSashy November 17, 2016
Freeze. And then put them directly from freezer into boiling water. Just make sure you have a large pot, or run two pots in parallel. You can easily make the gnocchi several days before, it is a lifesaver, and flavor will be the same. And, don't worry it will be just fine...
Exbruxelles November 13, 2016
Gnocchi freeze very well and some very good recipes recommend freezing them before cooking. Dust them with a little flour on parchment-lined sheet pan--make sure they're not touching--and freeze. Once the gnocchi are frozen you can remove them to an air-tight container and hold them in the freezer for a week or so. Good luck. Gnocchi for a crowd isn't easy.
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