Frozen Pre-made Pie Crust

This year I won't be able to make my own pie crust (very sad about this) due to a medical condition. So, I will use a frozen pre-made crust. Any suggestions as to which are the best? Happy Thanksgiving! BB



Annie S. November 26, 2016
Your pie looks beautiful! I just saw this post and I do have a suggestion. In the Chicago area we have frozen pie crust made by Rusric Tart. They are all butter and not to difficult to roll as the come pretty flat.
I have no idea how wide their distribution is but they are spectacular.
BerryBaby November 26, 2016
Thank you! Don't have them here, but the Trader Joe's crush sounds like it is very similar. Have one sheet left to use next month.
BerryBaby November 27, 2016
Crust, not crush! Auto correct hits again!
BerryBaby November 25, 2016
Thank you for all the suggestions. I bought the Trader Joe's crust and it is delicious! I did have to ball up and roll it out again (ouch!), but it was pretty easy to work with. Here is the finished pie. I could have rolled it thinner to get a fancier crust however everyone loved it without it. I have one more in the freezer to use at Christmas.
BerryBaby November 20, 2016
Thanks, everyone! Went to Trader Joes and picked up the pie dough. Everyone is raving about it so I'm sure it is great. They were SWAMPED and could barely push my cart down an aisle. I love that store and, apparently, so do lots of people. Wish they had more stores around town.
Susan W. November 20, 2016
I'm with Chops. I'd go with TJ crust. I just found out my mom has been using it since her arthritis got bad. None of us had any idea.

Here's what The Kitchn says:
sexyLAMBCHOPx November 19, 2016
Trader Joe's pie crusts are very good. I would go ASAP because they do sell out.
Susan W. November 19, 2016
I did go. Forgot to report back. The person who stocks the freezer items said they haven't carried it, but she thinks she remembers seeing something like that at Whole Foods. Might be worth a phone call.

I don't know if TJs carries a crust, but I've had their pumpkin pie and it's pretty good. Especially if you slather it with whipped cream.

I will probably end up going to New Seasons this weekend. If I do, I'll check their freezer case.
Susan W. November 18, 2016
Last year Zupans had an all butter, frozen pie crust made locally. Or was it New Seasons? I'm walking across the street to Zupans in a while, so I'll look and report back.
BerryBaby November 19, 2016
Did you go over to Zupan's? I was there the other day but this was before I thought of the pie crust.

Wonder if Trader Joe's has a good one. Haven't been there in a while.
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