'CHOPPED' challenge

Attending a Food Network Chopped challenge thrown by a friend: Four ingredients, one dish: Broccoli, Black beans, graham crackers, honey. HELP!

  • Posted by: Geeta
  • November 25, 2016


Rachelwrites November 28, 2016
You're getting lots of delicious suggestions! Please let us know how it turns out. Also, the I'd love to hear the logistics of the event when you get a chance-it sounds like so much fun!
BerryBaby November 26, 2016
How about a quiche or breakfast style hash using eggs, chopped broccoli, black beans, add cheese and top with graham crackers that have been mixed with the honey as a crunchy topping?
Nancy November 26, 2016
Geeta - thanks for letting us know it could be any dish. Here are some ideas.
Appetizer or main: black bean soup or stew (with meat if time and taste permit), serve in two small bowls, one with a broccoli garnish (pesto or deep fried, like deep fried parsley), the other with a graham cracker honey dumpling.
Dessert 1: deep fried graham cracker cups (size of mini muffins) filled with a black bean honey chocolate cheesecake mix, and a garnish of candied (with honey) broccoli.
Dessert 2: black bean chocolate brownies with a set of two cream cheese frosting, side by side, red and green for Christmas time - one with broccoli, one with cranberry sauce.
Dessert 3: (if the pantry and your knowledge support this). A Japanese style dessert using the black beans instead of red bean paste.
Good luck (and please tell us what you eventually make!)
Cav November 25, 2016
Without knowing your pantry options, two dishes spring to mind. First is possibly too obvious. Chinese style black bean sauce, stir fried broccoli with chillies and toasted graham cracker crumbs with honey.

Second is a savoury black bean cheesecake with broccoli, and a graham cracker honey crust. Would probably need the obligatory Chopped Arugula salad.
Geeta November 26, 2016
Thanks Cav. Love both your suggestions.
Nancy November 25, 2016
What course in a meal, orvcan it be any dish?
Geeta November 26, 2016
Any dish.
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