What type of grahams for a graham cracker crust?

I'm planning on baking this beauty of a pie tomorrow: https://food52.com/recipes... and picked up a box of Nabisco original graham crackers. They have a weird taste to me, and I'm wondering if I should've bought honey or cinnamon flavored instead.

Does anyone have any tips, advice, preferences for the type of graham crackers they think make for the best crust? Does it matter? Thanks any and all! :)

  • Posted by: Kathryn
  • November 15, 2014


sydney November 16, 2014
I just made a cheesecake with a graham cracker crust, so I had reason to stand at the counter and consider the whole subject. I was surprised to see that plain wheat flour (coloured by molasses) constitutes the biggest part of the mix of the commercial crumbs I had in my year-old box. So, next time I plan to search out some brand that actually has more graham flour to begin with. It may entail paying twice the price for organic graham crackers if they are made with a majority of graham flour. From a baking standpoint, I'm sure they all come out the same (it's just a crumb crust, after all), but I prefer organics anyway.
BakerRB November 15, 2014
Argh, I wish I could go back and correct spelling and grammar when I fail to proofread.
BakerRB November 15, 2014
The kind you bought are my favorite for pies, and I agree they taste noticeably different when just eaten plain. I think the hint of molasses instead of honey in the recipe gives a slightly fuller, richer, darker, more baked taste to crusts. Not a mindblowing difference, just a little something.
Leith D. November 15, 2014
You can always add some extra cinnamon to mimic the taste!
Kathryn November 15, 2014
Great point! Thanks Leith :)
Kathryn November 15, 2014
Great point! Thanks Leith :)
Susan W. November 15, 2014
I would have chosen the original like you did. I have never detected a weird taste though. With cinnamon and brown sugar in the crust, I would not have chosen the cinnamon or honey. Unless your grahams are stale or simply a bad batch, I think you'll be happy with the results.
Kathryn November 15, 2014
Okay, phew. Thanks for your thoughts, Susan! :)
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