Equivalent to Rivoire cocoa powder?

One of my indulgences when I'm in Florence is as many cups of hot chocolate at Rivoire as I can handle. I bring back the cocoa powder, but of course, eventually it runs out and it's not like I'm in Florence every few months... Anyway, do any of you who have tasted this stuff and know why I'm so besotted have any recommendations for a reasonably equivalent cocoa I can buy in the U.S? I will be forever grateful!

Diana B
  • Posted by: Diana B
  • November 26, 2016


Diana B. November 26, 2016
Nancy, I've now found those recipes at our friend, the internet, and I thank you!

Foofaraw, I did not know this could be purchased from Stateside! At well over $1 per ounce (not including shipping), it might be an occasional indulgence - on the other hand, one can't take it with one, as they say.... ;) Thank you!
foofaraw November 26, 2016
(From internet search) Did you mean this one? http://www.rivoire.it/en/prodotto/12909/AQHINWZX/polvere-di-cacao-gr400 . It seems that they ship to USA and internationally (I tried on the checkout and it works), so it should be possible for you to get it shipped to US. They have phone number for customer service too.
Aisha November 26, 2016
I've never been to Rivoire and can't answer your question exactly. But I was wondering if you've tried making hot chocolate from a grated chocolate bar (obviously you'd want to choose a chocolate you truly love), or a mix of cocoa powder and grated chocolate. It makes a wonderfully thick and luscious hot chocolate that might just tide you over until your next trip to florence.
Unfortunately I can't give you exact measurements because I usually just eyeball it... But you can start with say at least a tablespoon of chocolate per cup and add more until you achieve the taste and texture you want.
I'm sorry it doesn't quite answer your question, but I hope it helps!
Nancy November 26, 2016
From photos & descriptions Rivoire hot choc is almost a pudding.
Following Aisha suggestion, make hot choc at home using solid and cocoa formats. Not as thick as Rivoire version, but both very fine:
Pierre Herme version (in book Dorie Greenspan wrote with him).
David Lebowitz version...of Belgian choc, from Wittauer (approx, from memory).
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