tough sausage

I have made pork/venison sausage the last two years but it seems to be tough. What do I need to change?

  • Posted by: Bill
  • November 27, 2016


HalfPint November 27, 2016
How much fat are you using? You will need about 30% or more.

If you can post your recipe, it will help to identify the issue(s).
Bill November 27, 2016
I use a premix of spices from my local butcher. The same mix he uses for venison sausage. We use 12 lbs of pork trimmings and 13 lbs venison. Could I be grinding it too fine?
HalfPint November 28, 2016
@Bill, venison tends to be very lean. Do you have any idea how much fat is in the pork trimmings? You really need quite a bit of fat in sausage to keep it moist and tender. You might have to add some fat back to do this.
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