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How do I remove the smell of cheese from my wooden cheese board? I've tried the lemon + kosher salt method, but it still smells strongly of cheese...


asked by honeyydukes 11 days ago
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added 11 days ago

Plan A: Make a paste out of baking soda and water or diluted distilled vinegar. Let it dry on the board overnight. Then scrub it all off the next day. Repeat as necessary. If you are satisfied with the result, re-oil the board.

If there is no improvement...

Plan B - Sand your board with medium grit and then fine grit sandpaper using a sanding block. Re-oil your board.

Hopefully you won't have to resort to sanding, but I would be very confident that it would remove the smell you speak of. The smell usually comes from food particles getting lodged into dents and cut-marks made from your knife, and that allows the liquid component of your food to get through the barrier created from oiling your board.

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added 10 days ago

Leaving the board out in the bright sun may help too - UV light will cut down the numbers of pesky odor-producing bacteria.

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added 10 days ago

Just a few more suggestions before you take a grinder to your board. I've actually used full-strength vinegar straight on the board (no baking soda) to remove the smell of fish and it worked. Lemon is a weaker acid in comparison. I left the vinegar on for a while (don't remember how long) then poured boiling water over it (that was more to sanitize the board than to remove the smell). Also if you live in a sunny place, maybe leave it out in the sun ?

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added 9 days ago

Thanks Jan and Aisha! I'll give your suggestions a try!

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QueenSashy is a trusted home cook.

added 5 days ago

How long did you leave the lemon/salt mixture? I get onion smell on my hinoki boards often, so every once in a while I sand them lightly (take the second to finest grit sanding paper, and it will not damage the board), rub with salt/lemon mixture GENEROUSLY, wrap in plastic and leave for a couple of days. Then scrub, rinse and re-oil and they are like new.