How do I remove the smell of raw milk from my car?!?

I spilled about 2 cups of raw milk in the floor board of my car and it soaked into the floor-board. How do I get it cleaned and the smell gone? I have cleaned it with hot soapy water, done baking soda, salt, but the smell still remains. Please help!!



allans April 14, 2012
Try scrubbing with ammonia and dawn dish washing detergent. The ammonia will help dissolve the fatty parts of the milk. After drying if it's still noticeable, repeat with white vinegar and water. This is the method I use on clothing.
bobbie J. April 14, 2012
This actually happened to me...only it was a GALLON of raw milk, in the summertime! Ugh!

We tried everything, and when i say we i mean me, my husband, and my mechanic. My mechanic actually ended up keeping the car for several weeks trying to solve the problem. So, i feel your pain!

For the record, the coffee at least helped the smell (the car smelled like overheated cappuccino). We eventually took the back seat out and had a mobile detailer do some serious deoderizer. The reason the back seat came out was because a small amount trickled down the seat, into the wheel well. The foam of the seat dried in like 2 weeks. I put a few drops of lemongrass oil down the sides as well - that helped for awhile i talked to lots of people who all said its impossible to clear completely. What a mess! Best of luck.
softpunk April 14, 2012
A gallon spilled in our family car when I was growing up and nothing (and I really mean nothing) got rid of the smell.
Menthe April 14, 2012
You could always resort to air freshener (I know, I know) until the smell fades naturally, but depending on how much raw milk you spilt, you might become very well-acquainted with Febreze.
wietje April 14, 2012
Try ground coffee. It soaks up the smell.
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