Accidentally boiled milk for yogurt

Usually heat to 190-195 (per Melissa Clark nyt recipe) but lost track and let it boil. Should I roll with it or am I ruint for this batch. Thx.

  • Posted by: wtbryce
  • November 29, 2016


Fern November 9, 2020
Thanks so much. I was going to start over. I need to set a timer next time so I pay attention.
Becca M. August 15, 2018
So glad I checked here first! Just did the same thing wtbryce. I've really struggled to "heat to 180 and hold for 20 minutes" thing (Cusinart yogurt maker instructions) Thx y'all!
Panfusine November 30, 2016
let it cool down before adding the culture. In fact boiling milk and setting yogurt after cooling it IS THE only way I've seen it made.
Aisha November 30, 2016
If you just let it cool down to about 104-113F (40-45C) you should be fine. Scalding milk may actually help achieve a ticker, firmer texture because of how it modifies the different components of milk. The important thing is to have it back down at a temperature that your bacterial cultures can survive in and thrive before you add them (the 104-113 range).
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