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Accidentally boiled milk for yogurt

Usually heat to 190-195 (per Melissa Clark nyt recipe) but lost track and let it boil. Should I roll with it or am I ruint for this batch. Thx.

asked by wtbryce 3 months ago
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added 3 months ago

If you just let it cool down to about 104-113F (40-45C) you should be fine. Scalding milk may actually help achieve a ticker, firmer texture because of how it modifies the different components of milk. The important thing is to have it back down at a temperature that your bacterial cultures can survive in and thrive before you add them (the 104-113 range).

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added 3 months ago

let it cool down before adding the culture. In fact boiling milk and setting yogurt after cooling it IS THE only way I've seen it made.