What are some good desserts I can bake that incorporate bacon or meat in some way?

Theme for New year party at friend's house is meat - beef or bacon. I am known for my desserts so was asked to bring dessert but as a non meat eater never done this before. Ideas?.

  • Posted by: Lara
  • December 13, 2016


foofaraw December 17, 2016
- vanilla ice cream with bourbon maple bacon jam on side (I think this is good because you can bring other toppings that you like)
- peanut bacon brittle
- bacon chocolate chip cookies
- we have a doughnut shop nearby that has amazing maple glaze+bacon bits sprinkle. So maybe just make the doughnut yourself (with bake/deep-fry pillsbury biscuit, and add topping yourself, some with bacon, and some that is edible for you too)
foofaraw December 17, 2016
recipes (ugh, I do wish F52 has edit button!):
- http://allrecipes.com/recipe/19888/microwave-peanut-brittle/ and add 1/2 cup crumbled bacon. I have tried it and it was great.
- http://allrecipes.com/recipe/188578/maple-bacon-chocolate-chip-cookies/
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKtZAECnOyY , http://www.bakedbyrachel.com/maple-bacon-donuts/
QueenSashy December 15, 2016
I eat meat (sparingly and with a lot of thought), and have a huge appreciation for it, after all it is a gift from an animal... But there are lines that should not be crossed, and for me a meat dessert is one of those lines. I am with others who commented -- making a pie or a lard-based dessert is a great way to honor the theme without really pushing it. This cookie is my family's favorite https://food52.com/recipes/19487-vanilice-the-little-vanilla-cookies
amysarah December 15, 2016
I've had bacon ice cream - tasty, but seemed like a novelty (stunt) dessert to me.

But thinking that this Maple Cream Tart: https://food52.com/recipes/19767-maple-cream-tart might be good, garnished with crumbled candied bacon. Maple syrup (pancakes/French toast) and bacon are a pretty classic combo, right?
Rachelwrites December 15, 2016
Maybe a chocolate chip bread pudding with bacon? Also, a lot of french toast "bakes" or "casseroles" cam include meat yet are quite sweet and could pass for dessert. I've had delicious bacon candy bars too.
MMH December 14, 2016
We made chocolate covered bacon & it is devine! Its the perfect combination of salty, sweet & savory.
Lara December 14, 2016
Thx for ideas. As a non meat eater and someone who has never tried bacon this is def a challenge
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 14, 2016
Buy some vanilla cupcakes and sprinkle broken pieces of this recipe - Done! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/alexandra-guarnaschelli/candied-bacon-recipe.html
ktr December 15, 2016
Or sprinkle them with cow shaped sprinkles.
Lara December 15, 2016
Where do you buy specialized sprinkles like this?
ktr December 15, 2016
We bought them at our local grocery store when I lived in central Wisconsin. Otherwise, here are some on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/White-Brown-Black-Sprinkles-Quins/dp/B00085FFEI
and etsy: https://www.etsy.com/market/cow_sprinkles
caninechef December 14, 2016
Or maybe just make a cake or cookies in the shape of a cow or pig?
caninechef December 14, 2016
On some TV cooking contest (the kind you have to incorporate totally inappropriate ingredients) one person made some kind of pumpkin/sweet potato pie topped with candied bacon. I think the verdict was it was clever and worked.
breakbread December 13, 2016
Oh, bacon brownies! I made them as a gift last year and I thought I found the link off food52 but can't easily recreate my history now...
Anyway, a google search will highlight many possibilities including one with bourbon. I do remember large dark choc chips, salt, dense batter and oh - bacon pieces.
Lainie December 13, 2016
The only thing I can think of is a pie, using lard for the fat in the crust. Lard is easily found in most supermarkets in the meat section.
I can't think of anything else that anyone would really enjoy eating.

The thought of meat in a dessert made me curious enough to google it and I found a brownie recipe on chowhound.com that incorporated ground beef - who knew!
sydney December 13, 2016
I believe suet is an ingredient in the original mincemeat tart. Visit your local butcher. Make the 'real' vintage recipe and impress the crowd! :-)
Nancy December 13, 2016
Two ideas slightly, but only slightly, out of this theme (one bc of chicken, one bc not dessert):
1) oatmeal cherry cookies made with schmaltz (chicken fat) from the esteemed Michael Ruhlman:
2) latkes (potato pancakes) made with shredded brisket. I suppose you could serve them with some applesauce or chutney to bring in a sweet element and call them dessert. Or give it up, and call them a side.
These are both real recipes.
But if it's too much of a stretch for you, as a non meat eater to make (I sympathize; I've been there), make a loaf or two of great bread, or a cake.
Because :) bacan in Middle English meant anything cooked by dry heat, including bread. And meat, in the phrase "meat and drink" meant all solid food.
Smaug December 13, 2016
Current wisdom seems to be that everything goes with everything else- I suppose you could substitute bacon bits for chocolate chips in a cookie, or do them as an add in. According to Max Schulman you can get lamb milkshakes at the U of Minnesota, but I never tried one. I'm none too sure what goes into a mince meat pie, but I think it actually contains meat. You might look in Mrs, Beaton if you have a copy; sounds like a British sort of ting to do, somehow.
Robin December 13, 2016
Being a vegetarian as well, I would make a non-meat dessert for myself. or you could go to a local donut shop, bacon maple donuts are the thing now.
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