I have a big container of Crispy Fried Shallots that I bought for Vietnamese Chao Ga. I want to use the shallots more, but other than as a salad garnish or maybe green bean casserole, I can't think of how else to use them. Any ideas?



Eliana60 February 8, 2011
Great ideas! Thanks! Tonight I used them to top some sauteed spinach with garlic. Its a start.
Chef M. February 8, 2011
Try to keep the flavor but tweeking the texture a bit...

Run them through a food processor and turn it into a coating and use with an egg wash to make a tasty breading on chicken paillards, veal, or even a meaty fish like halibut or cod.

Also use them as a ingredient, not just a topping. Mix them into stuffings with breadcrumbs, herbs and vegetables to add a salty tangy bite. Use stuffing in chicken breasts, pork chops, or in a fish involtini.

Please share what you end up cooking!
ChefDaddy February 8, 2011
Thanks Angela!
Angela @. February 8, 2011
They are great in sandwiches.
healthierkitchen February 8, 2011
There are lots of dishes on food52 that call for crispy shallots, many are Asian dishes. I noticed monkeymom's congee (http://www.food52.com/recipes/3105_gingery_congee_with_pork_and_crispy_shallots) uses them, as well as thirschfeld's curried noodles (http://www.food52.com/recipes/9098_thai_curry_noodles_with_shrimp).
The recipes have you make them, but you could easily use these. I use them along with toasted cashews to top lots of Asian dishes.
innoabrd February 8, 2011
Try making koshary. Really easy, really delicious, really cheap! This is classic Egyptian street food, so you can make it in honour of the protesters in Tahrir, this is what many of them are eating as they camp out in the square. Clifford Wright has a good recipe:

and here's the sauce you'll need to make:

The crispy onions on top are an important, and delicious, feature.
hardlikearmour February 8, 2011
How about incorporated into some dinner rolls ;)
RobertaJ February 8, 2011
I can sure see them as a topping for a tossed, green salad.
ChefDaddy February 8, 2011
I recently saw them as a steak topping with blue cheese cream sauce at a steak house. Not my style but it's the only use I've seen other than green bean caserole. Although like prettyPeas I just like to snack on them!
prettyPeas February 7, 2011
I love fried shallots so much that I occasionally snack on a couple of them. I frequently use them in simple vegetable stir fry (green beans, or leafy greens), soups, fried rice or rice casserole dishes.
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