black spots in olive oil

I just poured out my Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil that has been opened but not expired and doesn't taste/smell rancid and there are tiny black (smaller than pepper) specks floating in the Oil. Any Idea what this is??? Help please!

Emmy Oliverio-Shields


Rachel December 23, 2016
interesting... Could be bug eggs, could also be flecks of dust that fell into the bottle when opened. If it doesn't smell bad or taste bad, maybe pour it through a coffee filter to get rid of the specks. BUT there are others on the forum that would advocate immediately throwing it away. A picture perhaps might help?
Emmy O. December 23, 2016
BUG EGGS? OH MY! I'm so sad. I poured it over my roasted peppers and my fresh mozzarella before I noticed it!
Rachel December 23, 2016
not saying it is at all, even if it were an insect egg, the oil isn't an environment for them to hatch. I was just thinking that it might be if (and it's a rather big if) they were laid somewhere on the surface of the bottle, like the lip of it or something then got mixed with the oil... I am purely venturing a guess here. Not trying to gross you out. As i said, if it doesn't smell/taste bad/otherwise seems okay, I'd have no qualms about straining it through a coffee filter and using it, but that is totally up to you.
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