olive oil preferences for olive oil cake

i dislike olive oils with a peppery taste plain, but if i put one on tomatoes, i don't notice the pepper. i've never made an olive oil cake. since i don't like the peppery taste, maybe i should go w a milder olive oil for a cake. would like to hear from people who have made olive oil cakes. Tx

  • Posted by: alan
  • October 8, 2020


Nancy October 8, 2020
Alan, I've used olive oil for years in baking, both cakes and cookies with tasty results that leave few or no leftovers for breakfast or snack the next day.
Yes, agree, don't want a strong peppery taste in most cakes, so avoid using Tuscan oils, which tend to be peppery, or others known to be so.
I use any extra virgin olive oil I have in hand for baking.
You may use one labeled with a milder taste, but still go for extra virgin, which is first pressed and highest quality.
It's better quality and taste than later pressings, called plain virgin olive oil or simply olive oil.
Nancy October 8, 2020
PS If you're looking for a place to start, consider these 3 cakes:
1) Ligurian olive oil cake - as it uses both butter and olive oil, you may like the combination of tastes or as a transition from a regular cake using butter
2) Alice Waters' olive oil cake with Sauternes and peaches...lovely mix of the olive oil and sweet wine; could use other seasonal fruits if peaches not available
3) Maialino's olive oil cake - with orange flavorings, here at food52
alan October 8, 2020
I first heard of ligurian olive oil as it was recommended for making pesto. i've yet to make pesto, but i'm aware it's best made in a mortar. i'm from the US, living in israel and on a foodies site here, people recommend various olive oils but as they speak of stronger flavor, i believe they're referring to a peppery taste and one woman did state that she liked a spanish olive oil cuz she likes the peppery taste.

i tasted a spanish oil that was milder than the 3 israeli oils i had bought. it came in a tin and i think i can find it in the supermarket. so i want a milder flavor for both pesto and cake. i have no problem w a peppery taste when i use a peppery oil.

i'm familiar w the olive oil cakes recommended here. since i've never had one, i'm thinking of going w one from bon appetit that uses amaretto and other flavors that might mask anything unwelcome imparted by the olive oil.

i appreciate ur wisdom. ur answer about the tube pans was interesting and i'll get back to u w a follow-up after i find at a recipe that calls for a tube pan.
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