What to do with her for skit that was in the slow cooker all night but is being served at dinner tonight.

So we made a brisket in our slow cooker overnight. It's pretty much there in terms of tenderness. But now it's 10 AM and we need to do something with it until we serve it at 6 PM, eight hours from now.

It seems silly to put a hot brisket in the fridge for 6 hours just to reheat it later. And I don't want to just leave it sitting on the counter and give everyone food poisoning. My wife stuck it in a 250° oven but I'm fairly sure that will dry it out by 6 PM.

Advice? Opinions? Kibitzing?

  • Posted by: Peter
  • December 29, 2016


Susan W. December 29, 2016
Did use Natch Waxman recipe by chance? I have been meaning to make his in a slow cooker.

Also, just my opinion, but I also would refrigerate and reheat. They can dry out and a few hours of refrigeration tricks it into thinking it's the next day and it tastes even been better.
Peter December 29, 2016
Fair question. We did it overnight because we actually have so much brisket that it would not all fit in the slow cooker overnight. So we did one batch overnight and have another batch in the slow cooker right now. But also, brisket is usually better when you cook it a day or two in advance and give it a chance to rest. Ideally we would've made it several days ago but are scheduled to not allow for that.
pierino December 29, 2016
Yes, brisket is a cut that demands long, slow cooking.
BerryBaby December 29, 2016
I agree with Nancy, but my question is, "Why did you do start this overnight and not wait until morning?" Just curious.

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Nancy W. December 29, 2016
fridge, then reheat.
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