Do you buy dried chickpeas or dry yourself??

Becky Woods
Zahav's Hummus Tehina
Recipe question for: Zahav's Hummus Tehina


E December 30, 2016
You buy them already dried. You can find dried, uncooked chickpeas in the beans section of a grocery store, or at better stocked grocery stores that have international aisles, or at Middle Eastern or South Asian stores, you'll find nicer bags.

If you're in NYC, you can find them at just about any average grocery store, but they're much cheaper, and in my opinion, not as dusty and old, at the South Asian stores in Jackson Heights or around Little India/Curry Hill in Manhattan. Old but useful resource for good stores to find dried chickpeas :

I've eaten this hummus from the source, and subsequently made it. Def make it with dried chickpeas, not canned, if at all possible.
Greenstuff December 30, 2016
Most of us in the US would use chickpeas that we bought already dried. Nt too many of us dry our own.
Nancy December 30, 2016
No, you don't have to dry them yourself.
They come dried, either in plastic bags or bulk bins at most grocery stores.
You then cook them in boiling water for 1-2 hours, drain and use in recipes.
Though Zahav recipe doesn't mention or recommend it, other hummus recipes start with cooked or canned, drained chickpeas.
(There are differing opinions, not to say arguments, about whether the canned ones have the right taste or textuure, but sometimes speed wins out in home cooking.)
Enjoy ;)
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