My meringue's always stick and are incredibly chewy, help!

I have attempted to make meringue alot of times now and no matter what i do it sticks and its chewy, i have tried almost everything from wetting the baking parchment to going low and slow with the oven. I dont know what to do anymore but i do want to make meringues that get off the baking parchment and are not chewy for ONCE!

Lis karsten


drbabs January 2, 2017
It's possible that your oven is to blame. My meringues have improved considerably since I put a pizza stone in the bottom of my oven. It holds the heat and helps the oven temperature remain consistent.
Lindsay-Jean H. December 31, 2016
There are some helpful pointers in this previous thread on the topic:
Lis K. January 1, 2017
Thank you for an answer! For my next meringue i will add a pinch of salt along with all the other tips and hope/pray that i will get a good meringue!
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