roasting duck

i've roasted duck before but i presently don't have a proper roasting pan. all i have is a flat roasting pan that only has a little bit of a lip. i was planning to roast 4 duck legs but cuz the roasting pan is too large, i fear problems such as dryness or too much evaporation of juices even tho i want the duck very crisp and will be dipping it in a sweet fruit sauce. maybe i should roast 6 pieces so there won't be so much extra pan space. thoughts please.

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1 Comment

ChefJune February 8, 2017
The problem is likely to be too much fat emanating from the roasting duck. If you arm yourself with a good timer and a baster, and don't stray far from the oven while it's roasting, you might be successful in siphoning off the fat before the pan overflows. I'm not sure I'd want to take that risk...
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