Dinner tonight Help- duck, hasselback potatoes and....?

fresh herb marinated duck breasts that I will do on the grill or cast iron pan, hasselback potatoes that I'll either do on the grill under the duck (i.e.. duck fat on taters), and purée of something...but what?

Karsten Robbins


Bevi September 25, 2015
Homemade applesauce, which my grandparents always served with duck in their Czech-Germanic kitchen.
Niknud September 25, 2015
I agree with amysarah. Since duck and potatoes are rich and carb-y, I'd go for something acidic - caesar salad or a quick pickled something or other. If you're committed to puree, maybe beets with balsamic vinegar reduction and mint?
Karsten R. September 25, 2015
thx Amysarah and Niknud. Good points on the richness.
amysarah September 25, 2015
With the rich duck and duck fat spuds, I think I'd tend to do a simple green salad (or arugula or watercress...) in a sharp, mustardy vinaigrette. Good counterpoint and will cut the richness. I know that's not a puree, just a thought.
HalfPint September 25, 2015
puree of celeriac?
Karsten R. September 25, 2015
was thinking of celeriac and it is a flavor we don't see too much in the US. But then, the plate has two pale ingredients :-) It's all about the visuals. Then again, the red wine sauce would take care of that
HalfPint September 25, 2015
If you want some color, maybe a carrot & parsnip puree.
Alexandra V. September 25, 2015
I found some beautiful red chard yesterday.....tis the season! It would be lovely with duck. Maybe just blanch it and then stir fry with a bit of olive oil and garlic or even a drizzle of oyster sauce.
Karsten R. September 25, 2015
good idea. Nice and green. Thx
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