What do I do if I don't have a roasting pan?

I usually just roast my chickens on a sheet pan, but we're roasting a duck and I'm starting to fear that it won't be enough!!



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702551 November 20, 2017
I would just use one of the cheap disposable aluminum ones from the dollar store and put it on the sheet pan to improve handling.
Dawne M. November 20, 2017
Do you have a 9x14 cake pan? I use that when I'm in a pinch. Alternatively, you could try a large cast iron skillet or a casserole dish. If your duck is too big for any of those, I would try splitting the duck in half and using two pans. Most ovens come with a broiler pan in which case I would use that as a last resort. Or there's always the dollar store for those throw away aluminum ones.
HalfPint November 20, 2017
I would use a turkey baster to remove the fat and juices as the duck roasts.
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