Slow cooker in crockpot without meat?

I have stouffers slow cooker beef pot roast starter- red skin potatoes in a savory sauce. My first question is this- will ground beef taste okay in this even though it calls for beef chuck roast? My second question- I forgot to thaw the meat yesterday and am planing to cook tonight. How would I go about cooking the potatoes and vegetables for the day while I give the meat about 5 more hours to thaw? Could I add the potatoes and veggies to crockpot now and then after 5 hours add the cooked meat and let them all sit together for like 2 hours then serve? It says to add everything together and let it cook in pot for 6-8 hours. Thank you

  • Posted by: Andrea
  • February 16, 2017


Michele February 17, 2017
It is probably too late but I would defrost the beef in the microwave if possible and throw everything in a pot and forget the slow cooker. Ground beef cooks really fast and if you add the potatoes you can do the whole thing quickly. The thing with the chuck roast is it needs a long time to cook - hence slow cooking. I wouldn't use the slow cooker with the ground beef unless you are going to be around to watch as I think you run the risk of it drying out. Hopefully this helps.
Andrea February 19, 2017
Thank you for the advice!!
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