Making my hot pot better, what should I add?

Hi, I've got my hot pot in my slow cooker currently. It's around 60% potato 25% minced beef and 15% onion with two stock cubes. This is just over 3lr worth.

The question is: What can I add to it to make it taste better (that isn't salt, pepper or vegetables)? E.g. herbs

  • Posted by: JoshE95
  • March 24, 2020
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1 Comment

Nancy March 24, 2020
Joshe95 -
Depends on what you have on hand and like. Also cuisine notes you want to evoke.
Dill and paprika - Hungary, goulash
Oregano and/or rosemary- southern France, northern Italy
Capers, pignoli, raisins (near the end) - Sicily
Lemongrass, chili, ginger, garlic, cilantro (also near the end) - Thailand
Cumin and coriander seed, turmeric or saffron - Middle East to India trade route.
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