Coarse kosher vs. Sea Salt, did I mess up?

I'm making my first batch of preserved lemons and I think I used the wrong kind of salt.

I bought coarse kosher salt because all the pictures I saw used coarse salt, but now I'm seeing that they were using sea salt. BUT a lot of recipes also call for any old salt? But I bought the coarse kosher vs. regular kosher, idk if that makes a difference?

I really don't want to wait the three weeks and find they're inedible, you know?

Thanks for any guidance!

  • Posted by: Lis
  • February 18, 2017


Shuna L. February 18, 2017
When preserving lemons, kosher salt is excellent. If you ever want to have preserved lemon peel in 30 minutes instead of three months, you can cook lemon peels in lemon juice and salt until tender. There's a recipe/method in The Modern Pantry Cookbook. I use it if I need them right now, or if I don't have pounds of salt on hand, or freezer space or cupboard space...
Sam1148 February 18, 2017
Any Kosher salt will be just fine. The only thing that could make a difference is iodized salt or salt with other additives for clumping etc...but even those will work. Morton kosher is flakey's designed to 'kosher' meats by laying flat against them. Other 'kosher' salts can be more irregular and coarse. For the lemon...all is fine as it turns into briney liquid pretty quickly.
Nancy February 18, 2017
Agree with Sam...the key is no additives.
BTW, I've been making preserved lemons for years and have not seen a recipe with sea salt.
Sounds expensive for the amount needed (usually cups and cups) when plain flaked salt (kosher salt) does the job.
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