Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Today I bought the most beautiful and delicious, long-stemmed huge strawberries. I want to chocolate dip a few of them. The only chocolate I have right now is Extra Dark Guittard chips. Would this work? Melt it over simmering water. Do I need to add anything to the chocolate? Thanks! BB



BerryBaby February 19, 2017
Thank you for the advice, Shuna and Smaug. I used coconut oil with the chips and it worked great! They may not look like professional chocolate covered strawberries, but they taste like it! Rolled coconut on two of them, just to see if they'd turn out, and they taste delicious. Next time I will pulse the coconut to smaller flaky pieces. Delicious!
Smaug February 19, 2017
As stated by ms. Lydon- not really much to it; make sure the berries are very dry. You probably will want to thin the chocolate with chips- Crisco works quite well too. If you have a copy of Maida Heatter's chocolate book, I think there's a discussion of the process, but it's pretty simple.
Shuna L. February 18, 2017
If you have some coconut oil on hand, I might whisk in a little bit just to make sure your coating hardens. But so long as your chocolate does not get too hot, they should be fine to coat the strawberries.

Generally speaking, most chocolate dipped fruits are done so with "couverture" chocolate, because chocolate chips have some additives that actually prevent them from burning in high temperatures, which makes the chocolate fairly thick when melted.
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