Immersion Blender - Le Creuset

Does anyone use their immersion blender in their Le Creuset dutch oven? It is so much easier to blend as soup with my immersion blender rather than transfer everything in batches to a food processor or blender but I am afraid of ruining my gorgeous pan. I used it last night (trying to avoid the bottom) and feel like the enamel on the bottom of the dutch oven is now duller than before. Curious about all your thoughts. Thanks!!

  • Posted by: alygator
  • February 19, 2017


Susan W. February 19, 2017
All the time and have for a few years. The blades are not exposed to the pan, at least on my Breville, plus I move it up and down so no need to touch the pot
foodforthought February 19, 2017
Have done more than once, though my blender has a silicone or plastic coating on the blade cage/hosuing so no metal to pan contact. I know some blenders are all stainless but iI would not expect metal to do more than make superficial marks. Nothing some comet or soft scrub couldn't handle. Most of my enameled cast iron pans are 30+ years old and have weathered much. See threads on Food52 for spiffing your enameled pans with hydrogen peroxide.
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