I'm making roasted swordfish with a ceasar dressing like sauce on it with asparagus. Suggestions for another side to go with it?



Sam1148 February 11, 2011
Quinoa. There's some good suggestion on the search on this site.
ChefDaddy February 11, 2011
New red potatoes with a peeled stripe all the way around cooked in butter and finished with flat leaf parsly (salt and pepper of course) and I like to add a little white wine to them. Although, serving with asparagus the wine might not be a good idea. Not sure pairing asparagus as a side with fish is a good idea though. I try to serve sides with fish that don't compete with it. And when serving or eating fish I like to pair wine with it and that would be bad with asparagus. Just my .02 cents.
drbabs February 11, 2011
Tad's roasted potatoes:
pierino February 11, 2011
Plain, steamed white rice or a rice pilaf would work.
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