Bread without yeast?

I have a friend that loves bread but has recently become very sensitive to yeast. Does anyone have a recipe for making crusty bread without yeast? I would love to make some for her. Thanks.

  • Posted by: Vicki
  • February 26, 2017


Maedl February 28, 2017
And thank you, too, Nancy. It tickles me to see that recipe still being made!
Maedl February 27, 2017
Thank you so much, Vicki!
Maedl February 27, 2017
Vicki, I wrote an article about soda bread a few years ago. I included the recipe I use at the end. I think the recipe lends itself to variations and playing around with flavor combinations. I think lemon-rosemary or lemon-dill might be good. It's time for me to trot out the recipe, too--St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner. Have a look:
Vicki February 27, 2017
I loved your article Margie - so interesting and very well written. Thanks for sharing it and the recipe.
Nancy February 28, 2017
Me too, Margie.
Lovely article and i've saved your recipe for Irish soda brrad to make soon.
Aisha February 27, 2017
Soda bread is the way to go. You've had a few suggestions for recipes on food 52. I know over at Serious Eats there's a pretty detailed piece by Stella Parks on how to achieve chewy, hearty, crusty soda bread.
Vicki February 27, 2017
Thanks to all the good suggestions. Because my friend is not a sweet tooth kinda person, I think I will do a test run with the Irish Brown Soda Bread, the Mediterranean Olive Bread, the peppery popovers and will definitely check out the Serious Eats link.

I just love this community :-)
Maedl February 26, 2017
Another idea--not exactly bread, but still good: popovers or gougeres.
Vicki February 27, 2017
Thanks Maedl, I think the soda breads and savory quick breads would be my choice if I had to give up yeast breads - Heaven forbid :-)
Maedl February 26, 2017
Soda bread is a good suggestion--and you can make either the American soda bread with all purpose flour and raisins or the more traditional soda bread with whole wheat flour.
Sarah J. February 26, 2017
How about a soda bread? or or, the most savory,
Smaug February 26, 2017
You might do a recipe search online or in books for quick breads- there are quite a few of them.
Vicki February 27, 2017
Thanks, good idea. I think the savory quick breads may be the best alternative.
Vicki February 26, 2017
Nancy, I have seen a something similar to what you suggest.
Nancy February 26, 2017
Any biscuit recipe will do.
You can make individual portions or a big flatish loaf, which you then cut in sizes or shapes as needed.
Also split them (after baking) and toast for even more crunch.
Doris February 26, 2017
is she sensitive to commercial yeast as well as natural yeast such as the yeast that raises sourdough bread?
Smaug February 26, 2017
My understanding (I'm not an expert) is that baker's yeast- saccharomyces cerevisiae- is also among the common yeasts captured in sourdough starter, so that's not necessarily a safe haven.
Vicki February 26, 2017
Unfortunately, she has a bad
reaction to all kinds of yeast.
Nancy February 26, 2017
You can making a baking powder biscuit recipe in a cast iron pan and for a maximum bake time to get some (more) crust on it.
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