Frustrated that I live in a food oasis. Where do you Brooklynites food shop?



Sadassa_Ulna February 13, 2011
A friend of a friend opened up this shop in Greenpoint:
iuzzini February 11, 2011
Sahadis, Landis and Pastosa for italian prepared foods, fresh mozz etc., Royal Crown bakery for bread, Alba for canoli, Caluccio's for their jarred tuna in olive oil . . . what are you looking to buy and where in BK are you?
vvvanessa February 11, 2011
when i lived in south brooklyn, i belonged to the park slope food coop. i got most of my staples there, including cheese from the excellent selection there. but i also shopped frequently at sahadi's for dried fruits, nuts, olives, and grains (and their pre-made hummus rocks) and hopped the 2 or 3 train to the fairway on the upper west side (though the one in red hook was closer, it was harder to get to). i also, of course, love the greenmarkets-- union square (easy subway trip) on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays; borough hall on tuesdays and thursdays; grand army plaza on saturdays. brooklyn fare sometimes had good deals, but it could be a little on the disheveled side. for splurge foods, bklyn larder for sure-- specialty items and prepared foods that are impeccable but definitely not on my day-to-day list.
pierino February 11, 2011
Over the bridge at Eataly, which is kind of like a food museum.
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