New Orleans help with shopping and meals

This is a long shot. My father is 93 and recently widowed. He wants to try living alone. I am hoping to find someone who will come to the house once or twice a week, figure out what groceries and staples he needs, shop for them, and prepare a few meals. His tastes run to classic New Orleans foods and he's pretty picky. Any suggestions?

  • Posted by: drbabs
  • December 5, 2017


MMH December 5, 2017
Please be careful about how you handle this. This is really not the appropriate forum. I work in a legal capacity with these sorts of situations. Vulnerable adults are easily exploited. You might check with adult protective services where care givers have background checks. It might also be a good idea to get a geriatric evaluation so someone can assess your dad's capacity. If there are issues, he can be referred for services. I wish you all the best.
creamtea December 5, 2017
So sorry to hear about his and your family's loss. As cv noted, cities generally have agencies dedicated to serving seniors. At the time when we were looking for options, we obtained recommendations through my parents' healthcare provider, place of worship, religious organizations, and through their friends (and had success through the latter). Best of luck with this! It is doable.

702551 December 5, 2017
My suggestion would be for you to reach out to local senior service agencies for assistance.

You should also identify a budget. I'm sure there are private chefs who are available to do this, but not knowing his financial resources, it's probably difficult to make specific recommendations.

Best of luck.
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