Food in San Francisco

I only lived in SF for 3 months, but the awesome food memories will stay with me forever. What are your favorite places to eat and shop for food in SF?

Hollis Miller


ChezHenry August 5, 2014
The Tadich Grill. I find myself sitting at the bar for dinner by myself each time I'm in SanFran for business. A perfect Martini, Crab Louie or a Crab Cocktail to start, then on to some Cioppino or Sand Dabs for an entrée. Rice pudding or a baked apple for dessert. No place finer in the entire Bay area imho.
bigpan August 1, 2014
I'm a big fan of the happy hour menus at Mortons and Fallon, both on Post just up from Union Square.
ChezHenry August 5, 2014
I think you meant "Farallon"...and if so I concur. Excellent seafood choice in Union Square, great oyster selection nightly.
Susan W. August 1, 2014
China Moon Cafe probably holds my favorite food memory. It closed many moons ago due to Barbara Tropp's illness. I bought her book in 1992 and still make her crab cakes with no changes to this day. Cilantro, coconut milk, chilies, barely enough breadcrumbs to hold them together.
Prathers Meats for humanely and sustainably raised meats has amazing bacon and other pork products.
Favorite activity is to visit my best friend Joseph who lives in the city. We go out on a Saturday night going from place to place drinking fancy martinis and eating the best sushi in the city. We always end
up at Martunis, but we wont talk about that. Then Coit tower (our touristy moment) and eggs benedict and mimosas on Sunday morning to wrap up the weekend. :0) Good times.
ChefJune August 1, 2014
Omigosh! Are you kidding me? San Francisco for its size has to be the best food town in the US. BiRite Grocery, their ice cream store, Tartine Bakery, Incredible Incanto! (I really cannot say enough wonderful about my experience there. The food was amazing - Chris Cosentino makes all his own outrageous salumi) but also the service and the overall feel of the place. And wonderful Zuni Cafe. How could you not love it? and my old fave, Scoma's. Still wonderful crab and chardonnay - have to do it every time! A little place called Bar Jules. Great food! And my cousin Rita took me to an ice cream stand not far from Zuni that was just incredible. If I could afford it, I'd love to live there...
SMSF August 1, 2014
Good suggestions, June. Chris Cosentino closed Incanto and opened a casual take-out-ish place in the same location. Their salumi is sold there, which is great. I used to live a block away and would find that awfully if I were still there!
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