I am unable to upload a photo to my recipe. Server code 0?

Hi there, I have tried resizing the photo and I keep getting the error "Serve Code 0." Help please. Thanks!

Asha Loupy


Sam1148 March 1, 2017
I find some site related issues are that the site expects Microsoft Explorer.
Which can be a problem if you use Chrome or Firefox or Safari.
Braless C. February 28, 2017
This happened to me as well. I contacted the site but have not received a response.
Asha L. February 28, 2017
@Food52 Since the recipe contest is now closed and the recipes entered cannot be edited, how can we upload a photo of our recipe? Thank you kindly.
matthew.shaw.547 February 28, 2017
This is probably due to the Amazon Web Services outage affecting large portions of the United States right now. Lots of websites are acting unusually or are broken. Amazon says it expects the issue to be fixed within the hour.
Jessica C. February 28, 2017
I am also having this problem while trying to upload a photo for the "your best recipe with dates" contest, which expires in a couple of hours. Any help would be super appreciated!
Asha L. February 28, 2017
Ditto on the date contest.
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