Problems adding photos

I keep getting an error message that the photo is too large. I changed the settings on my camera yesterday and was able to add a picture. Today using the same settings I can't add a photo. I am confused about what to do as one day the photo is accepted the next day it isn't. My camera settings remained the same. Advice and help please!



Anitalectric October 27, 2011
I just had the same problem. Will try to resize to super-small file.
Anitalectric October 27, 2011
Yay! I downsized to 200KB and it worked :)
sdebrango October 24, 2011
I have been having this problem for days, wssmom suggested I resize to 1024x768 which I did and it didn't accept it. I then changed my camera settings and i was able to but today I couldn't. I don't know why one day I can add a photo and the next I can't I resized today and it was ok. Will see what happens tomorrow, Maybe its that everything is still in the beginning stages with the new site.
MaryMaryCulinary October 24, 2011
I just had the same problem! I was trying to upload a photo that was half the maximum size and kept getting the error message. Finally I resized it on my computer to only about 400KB and it was accepted.
Kristen M. October 24, 2011
Hi sdebrango -- so sorry for the delay. It's possible that your photo is at the upper limits of what our site can handle and that the site timed out while you were trying to upload it. If your photo is anywhere near 2MB, that could very well be the case. Have you tried again? Most computers (and some digital cameras) come with photo editing programs that can help you resize your photo, as well as websites like Good luck and let us know if you have further problems!
sdebrango October 24, 2011
I am able to add photo's but its not consistent I changed the settings on my camera and was able to add the photo, the next day when I went to add another photo it gave me the same error message as before and the settings were exactly the same. Today I had a hard time as well, getting the same error message 4 or 5 times in a row. I tried again by editing the photo on my mac and it accepted it. It has been hit or miss. Thanks so much Kristen for answering my question. I don't know whether the problem will persist but I will continue to try until I succeed.
sdebrango October 21, 2011
Bumping this hoping Peter see's it and has some advice.
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