I made a turkey roll with marsala and cooked it according to the instructions. It came out succulent, however how can I reheat it without it drying o

out? Also, can it be frozen and retain its juiciness and moisture?

Helen Drezner


MMH March 9, 2017
I've never made a turkey roll but I find that storing cooked poultry in the fridge with some chicken stock or the drippings helps when reheating.
Krista March 8, 2017
Reheating - I would suggest steaming it, or as a second option wrapping it tightly in tinfoil and baking it. In either case the liquid will be trapped inside. But even if it's still moist it might be chewier on reheating. I usually eat my leftover turkey cold!

Freezing - Probably, but don't freeze it for more than a month and try to squeeze out as much air as possible and use a good freezer zip bag.
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