Favorite veggie burger recipes?

Hi there, There are so many veggie burger recipes out there (even on this site!): Which are your favorites? Asking for a friend... (Just kidding—asking for myself!)

Sarah Jampel


Asha L. March 14, 2017
I am a huge fan of the Grillable Veggie Burgers from Minimalist Baker (http://minimalistbaker.com/easy-grillable-veggie-burgers/). Happy cooking!
AntoniaJames March 14, 2017
Also, you'll find many excellent options in Lukas Volger's fine "Veggie Burgers Every Which Way." ;o)
AntoniaJames March 14, 2017
America's Test Kitchen black bean burgers made with ground corn tortilla chips . . . . just a whiff of "Frito" takes these to a whole new place. ;o)
Sarah J. March 16, 2017
Wow, so cool! I've got to try those—thank you!
Horto March 13, 2017
KR March 13, 2017
Hope you will keep us posted on your tempeh adventures!
Sarah J. March 14, 2017
Nancy March 11, 2017
In my experience, most recipes for home-made veggie burgers call for a long list of ingredients & fussy prep but give only indifferent results.
If I want or need to serve a non-meat burger, I prefer to grill large portobello mushrooms and serve them with good homemade condiments on a brioche or potato roll.
With beer or red wine on the side.
Sarah J. March 12, 2017
I agree—the lists are so long! I'm going to try a pretty minimalist tempeh burger recipe first, then branch out. Thank you!
Megan March 12, 2017
I posted my favorite recipe above, but I ultimately agree that they are rarely worth the effort (imho).. I have tried the North Star Cafe recipe someone posted above-- and it is very good, if a little mushy -- in addition to the Oh She Glows recipe I posted above, and some more basic recipes (just seitan & broccoli for example). I was on a mission to find a recipe I liked last summer, but in the end decided to try to find a store-bought frozen kind I liked! They do make an easy and nutritious meal.
Emily |. March 11, 2017
My favorite veggie burger is the one served at North Star Cafe in Columbus, Ohio. This Kitchn recipe captures it pretty well: http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-best-ever-veggie-burger-96967.
Sarah J. March 12, 2017
Excited to check that out—thank you!
KR March 11, 2017
I've been using a variation ( well, it's a spring board for me) of the White Water Veggie Burger. Because of my diet restrictions, I don't use onions or garlic & substitute celery & fennel for them, quite finely chopped. I actually use more beans than is specified (about double), & sub "flax eggs" for reg eggs as it calls for 5 eggs (!!!!!!!!!??????), and will vary the spices significantly. I also like to add cooked minced mushrooms & grated zuke that's been squeezed dry.... The way I make it results in a huge batch (maybe 16 med-sized patties) & I package them up in pairs for the freezer.
KR March 12, 2017
Here's the link to the source recipe...not that I follow it exactly (no dredging in flour, double the beans, halve the chili pwdr etc)...
and as someone else has also pointed out, there's a bit of chopping so I do that over a few days & then put them together, cook & freeze them at the end....
These freeze very well, have lots of veggies in them (esp the way I make them), heat up well in a frying pan or in the oven. However, they fall apart rather quickly if reheated in a sauce, so I heat the sauce & "patty balls" separately if I'm going to serve them that way.
Nice to have options! ; )
Megan March 10, 2017
I have enjoyed these http://ohsheglows.com/2011/07/13/our-perfect-veggie-burger/ but I haven't tried too many recipes.
Etta March 10, 2017
The 'How to make any veggie burger' article on Food52 is my go-to recipe. I've tried multiple variations, but typically add both 1/2 c cooled steel cut oats (where the recipe specifies grains). https://food52.com/blog/11103-how-to-make-any-veggie-burger-without-a-recipe
Recommended by Food52